This man finds home… in a fire station! Watch and be touched…


Looking at this picture, at first you might think that this is just a usual firehouse/ fire station, but actually, this firehouse, Fire Station One, is one special place, according to Steve Hartman from Lansing, Mich. The people in this place became one big family, and a home to a mentally-handicapped man for almost 60 years. Amazing, isn’t it?

Watch and be amazed by how one’s life is turned around by a simple act of kindness.

Tony had a mental disability, but his condition was never a hindrance in finding a family in a place where you might probably least expect it. The firemen at Fire Station One had been like his family for the past years and continues to be one up to this day.

You might think that a simple act of kindness is probably nothing, but then, think again. Because, I tell you, one act of kindness is enough to turn one’s life around.