This Man Ignores Museum Rules and Destroys Precious Watch!

There’s this saying, “Curiosity killed the cat” but I must say in this case, the more appropriate term is that …it also destroyed the clock. In museums, they don’t post “Please don’t touch” signs just because they feel like it– they post these kind of signs hoping that museum visitors will respect it and will have an understanding and realize that the objects on display are often priceless and irreplaceable. But, sadly, some visitors can’t help themselves and break the simple rule.

In this cringe-worthy video captured on CCTV, a man who is visiting Pennsylvania’s National Watch & Clock Museum has been caught ignoring a museum rule and destroyed a valuable piece of artwork in the course of a little less than 2 minutes! The clock is the creation of Iowa artist James Borden.  The clock itself is an abstract piece of work featuring a number of swinging components including dangling weights reminiscent of those found in a grandfather clock.

The man was first seen fiddling with the installation; then, as if he’s not content with simply taking a look and admiring the wooden time piece he began to pull the clock with an increasing intensity — but he was no master watchmaker. After lifting one of the weights, the clock became unbalanced, fell off the wall and crashed to the ground. Eep! 

The video was shared on YouTube with the title “Please Don’t Touch!” with a description that says, “This is why we beg and plead with our visitors to please refrain from touching objects in museums,”. The museum’s director, Noel Poirier said after the incident, “The clock was damaged, but not beyond repair,” adding that the museum is working with the artist to fix it.

Watch the incident below:

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