This Man Suffers Instant Karma after Kicking Cat off the Chair…

Animal cruelty is something that a lot of people practice simple because they can; simply because the animal is too helpless to fight back. However, there are rare cases when a person gets instant karma from what he did to the animal.

Take the video below, for example.

Photo credit: YouTube/LiveLeak
Photo credit: YouTube/LiveLeak

A budding musician wanted to claim a spot in his home so he could enjoy his music. The problem there is that a cat was using the chair as bed. So, he unceremoniously kicked the cat off the chair. However, as fate would have it, instant karma is granted to him for his bad actions.

Here’s the funny video…

Some say this video was faked. Well, fake or not, it just shows that karma could happen to cruel people. Great going, cat!