This May Sound a Little Crazy But You Can Now Cook an Entire Meal in a Dishwasher. Find Out How!

Most of the time, people are looking for things that will actually help them save in their everyday expenses. For example, in cooking, did you know that you can actually cook a whole meal in your dishwasher? This may sound a little crazy, but yes, you heard me right; you can actually cook a whole meal while doing your dishes!

If you think about it, really think about it, the dishwasher is basically like a giant hot water bath, so for all those foods you eat sous vide, this is actually very similar in terms of technique. Cooking food in the dishwasher while it cleans your dishes multitasks your appliance and saves time and energy. And who doesn’t want to spend less time over a hot stove? Actually, it’s an economical and environmental friendly way to cook!

Using a dishwasher to cook meals has become an increasingly popular cooking technique, and the results are reportedly surprisingly good. Lisa Casali, an Italian food writer, has said that food can be cooked within a normal dishwasher cycle for as long as it is in a tightly sealed container. If the food is inside a vacuum packed bag or air-tight container, it will not be touched by the dishwasher tablets. Amazing, right?

Curious for an example of a meal to cook? Watch the video below and find out how!

There are also 6 other meals that you can cook in a dishwasher here. So, are you willing to give this a try? Tell us your own recipes by dropping your comments below.