This Mysterious Hooded Guy Just Walked Through a Closed Door! But Watch What Happens to the Time Stamp…

Time travel has always fascinated humankind, especially because this brings a whole lot of possibilities to anyone who could jump through space-time continuum. Of course, even science has a difficult time proving that this was possible at all but there are moments when we wish we could do it, right?

Now, there’s this video that many believe to be ‘proof’ that time traveling now exists because a guy had walked through a closed door and back without opening the door – and the time stamp on the CCTV footage was warbled the whole time he was inside the building!

Photo credit: UFO mania
Photo credit: UFO mania

But while there were many who believe that this was true, a lot were also quite skeptic saying that the people shown in the video are likely actors and that the guy who supposedly entered the closed convenience store was merely edited into the clip!

What do you think? Check this video out and tell us whether you think this is just another fake footage:

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