This Old Man Rides a Cart Pulled by a Dog… But Netizens are Protesting, Calling it Animal *****

A video of an old man riding a cart being pulled by a dog has gotten widespread attention on social media after it was posted by Facebook page Trending sa Pilipinas. In the post, someone riding a car videotaped a cart being pulled by a dog running at the shoulder of the road.

The old man driving the cart appears to enjoy the unconventional transportation and was seen smiling at whoever was behind the camera yet netizens have reacted negatively to the video, saying that even if the dog appears to be well fed and did not seem to mind driving his master around, this was still a form of animal cruelty.

Many believe that dogs are meant to be loved, to have fun in the house, to guard its master’s house but should not be pulling their master’s cart around; however, some netizens also pointed out that dogs have traditionally been used in some parts of the world (especially in the arctic area) to pull sleds and carts carrying food, supplies, equipment, and sometimes people.

What do you think of this video?

Wow! galing ng Aso.. hindi lang kabayo ang pwede sa karawahe pati aso hindi papahuli.. (y)

Posted by Trending sa Pilipinas on Saturday, April 2, 2016

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