This Pitbull Can Climb a Tree! This is Scary…

In the movies (and real life), people climb trees to escape from dog attacks – but here’s a video that would surely scare you if you are afraid of dogs: a pitbull climbing a tree!

What makes this video scarier is that the tree did not even have huge spots for the pitbull to hold on to; the thin trunks of this tree did not appear to be able to support the dog’s body yet this determined canine was able to climb up quite well.

If it makes you any feel better, the dog was not really trying to attack someone but was just retrieving a ball from the tree yet I could not feel but be afraid of what some dogs are capable of doing, especially fierce breeds like the pitbull in the video.

It was apparent that the owner had placed the ball on the tree on purpose, so he could take a video of his dog climbing a tree. This sparked a different debate after the clip was uploaded on Facebook: how owners should treat their pets. A lot of people were concerned about this dog, especially because it appeared to limp for a few seconds after jumping down the tree.

What do you think of this video?

Climbing in a tree because i want my ball back!Climbing in a tree because I want my ball back!

Posted by Pitbull-Staff & Co. on Friday, September 11, 2015