This Poor Guy Waited for His Girlfriend at the Airport for 10 Days But She Never Showed Up. Apparently, She’s in Another City Getting Plastic Surgery!

There are those people who would do anything for love — even go to another country to meet them. But somehow, sometimes, not all things go as planned and they get heartbroken. This is what happened to a lovesick man who traveled several thousand miles to meet the love of his life, to no avail…

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Forty-one-year-old Alexander Pieter Cirk from Netherlands, flew all the way to Changsha, China to meet his online girlfriend Zhang, a 26-year old girl he met online, for the first time. Sadly, Zhang never showed up on the day they were supposed to meet. Alexander seemed optimistic that Zhang was just running late so he waited.

Alexander waited patiently in the terminal, not only for a day or two but waited for ten days! Imagine his perseverance. He stayed at the airport for a full 10 days, sleeping on benches and eating instant noodles, before collapsing from exhaustion and malnutrition. Zhang never did show up and Alexander only left the airport when he was rushed to the hospital with exhaustion. 

Passersby at the said airport took photos of him, which went viral on social media and local television over the weekend.

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A concerned television channel contacted Zhang, to find out her side of the story — and she was surprised. Zhang thought that it was a joke when Alexander said that he was flying over!

Alexander tried to contact her after landing, but her phone was switched off. Why? Apparently, she was in another city undergoing plastic surgery! Zhang said it was ‘not convenient’ to visit Alexander in the hospital right now as she was still recovering, but still wants to maintain their relationship.

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