This Poor Old Woman Inherited Over AUS$940k… Instead of Living Rich, She Donates Everything to Those Who Helped Her!

Having lived a very poor life for decades in Serbia, 86-year-old Marija Zlatic had the chance to experience wealth and good fortune after she inherited over AUS$941,512.58 from her estranged husband yet she did not do that. Instead, she gave all her money to the people who had helped her through the years!

When Marija was young, she and husband Momcilo migrated to Australia – that’s back in 1956! But just some 18 months later, she had to go back to Serbia to care for her ailing mother. Despite having a dual citizenship even then, for some reason, Marija never got to get back to Australia when her mother died.

Marija's house Photo credit: BBC News/AFP/Getty Images
Marija’s house in Serbia
Photo credit: BBC News/AFP/Getty Images

Although the two kept communicating with letters for some time, these would soon stop and the two lost touch.

…Fast forward to a few decades later.

Marija has lived her life as a poor hermit inside her dilapidated house in Serbia, using her AUS$100 ($71) monthly pension, and relying on the help of her neighbors to bring her firewood or for other things she needed in the house.

Rumors had it that Momcilo had become a rich cattle rancher and had remarried yet Marija did not really believe those were true.

Momcilo's house in Australia (which Marija now owns) Photo credit: Daily Mail UK
Momcilo’s house in Australia (which Marija now owns)
Photo credit: Daily Mail UK

But when it was rumored that he died in 2011, Marija requested a neighbor identified only as “M” to help her seek the truth about her husband. They would eventually learn that, indeed, the guy had gotten himself rich but though he remarried, his money and estates were willed to Marija.

It would take over 4 years before the estate trustee and guardian would finally transfer the money and a portfolio of properties to Marija but when she finally received it, she simply gave it all away!

Photo credit: Facebook/Love What Matters
Photo credit: Facebook/Love What Matters

In reports, she was quoted as saying in Serbian, “I don’t need my money. It’s enough for me to have bread, water and wood so I can keep warm in winter.”

The kind woman also added, “Where I am going soon I do not need money, so I gave it away. They need it more!

Amazing, isn’t it?