This Prankster Couple Pulled the Best Christmas Prank Ever!

Are you fond of pranking your friends with crazy holiday presents or do you know someone who loves to do that? Well, prankster couple Jesse and Jeane pulled the craziest one I’ve seen so far.

They arranged for a meet-up with their fans. They wrapped some gifts to give to some of their lucky fans. However, to make things more exciting, they decided to prank the receivers – after all, they are pranksters!

Recipients got gifts like cereal boxes, pancake mix boxes, or penny boards. There were some who received presents inside boxes for gadgets but turned out to be filled with water bottles.

Those who received the gifts shrieked with delight over their gifts, only to look a bit dismayed upon seeing the water bottles.

But the prank did not end with the people going home empty-handed.

How did the prankster couple make their fans happy again? Check out the video below: