This Restaurant Owner Closes His Restaurant For This Awesome Reason: To Be With His One True Love!

Success is not always measured by money; and for restaurant owner Tim Harris, it is measured by a loving community, positive attitude and lots of hugs from his customers.

Tim’s Place is a special restaurant. For one, Tim is the  first restaurant owner in the country who has Down Syndrome and owns a restaurant, which happens to be Tim’s Place. He opened his shop in Albuquerque, New Mexico and it has been popular there ever since.

He has spent the last five years focused on his business. Not only do his employees love having him around, but so do all of his guests. Why wouldn’t they? The sign in front of the restaurant tells you right away what to expect when you go inside– breakfast, lunch and hugs. He is usually there himself to greet you with a big smile and personally escort you to your table.

But recently, he had to share a very difficult news: that he was going to close down the restaurant. Many people were shocked and were sad to hear the news. His employees couldn’t help but give him a huge hug knowing how difficult it was for him to end up with the decision to have to shut down his business. However, when they found out the reason why he will be closing the restaurant, they were beyond thrilled for him.

He will be closing the restaurant to focus on something he loves even more: his girlfriend, Tiffany Johnson.

Watch their heartwarming story below:

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