This Shaft-Less Elevator is Awesome! I’d Like to Have This in My House…

Elevators have long been considered as an important mode of ‘transportation’ though its function is limited to bringing people, animals, or things up and down a vertical area.

While most elevators can be find inside large buildings, there are also smaller versions inside typical households but because elevators often require a shaft, it needs a larger space – and that extra space is often not available in most homes!

Thankfully, there are now some new innovations that allow homeowners to have elevators even with limited space – because these elevators are slimmer and do not require a shaft!


Just take a look at this sample shared by Facebook page Look4Design, showing a shaft-less elevator that would surely make an awesome addition to many homes, especially in those with disabled residents or old people!

While this can be a bit dangerous when there are small kids in the house who might crawl under the space where the elevator will land, installing extra safety features around the area and CCTV cameras can ensure that accidents will be avoided.

What do you think of this cool elevator?

Shaft-Less Elevator Fits Into Any Home.
MUCH nicer than the stair climbing chairs.

Posted by Look4Design on Monday, April 18, 2016

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