This Street Kid Who Sold Roses to Survive Earned a College Scholarship in Germany. Truly Inspiring!

If every street child would be given the opportunity to study, life would definitely become easier for them. 

Every child needs an education that will help take them far up in society and earn a living. Unfortunately for some families, though, education is something that is not easy to get. Due to poverty, some children are not able to go to school, some parents would rather buy food with the little money that they get everyday, instead of sending their children to schools that they could not afford.

Some students today would take education for granted; they would eagerly wait to finish class so they could play in computer shops or go somewhere else to play or go out with friends before going home but there are young ones out there who choose to do something about it, about their situation. This young man decided to do something that will change his life forever and his story inspired a lot of students.

At a young age of six, Daniel Dejapin was forced to live in the streets, eating out of garbage, trying to survive the harsh reality of life. Sleeping on the streets is not foreign to Daniel. Daniel’s parents were drunk most of the time, so he had to take care of himself. He then decided to leave home and live in the streets instead.

As a child, he considered the Baywalk by Manila bay his home. This, together with some closed-down buildings, benches and parks were his ‘home’. Homeless, Daniel sold flowers on the street to make ends meet. He fought for his life on a daily basis and knew for himself that he had no one to rely on but himself.

Oftentimes, he was shooed away by some heartless people and bullied by other street children. But he didn’t let the situation get the best out of him. Instead, he strove hard to earn at night while going to school in the morning. Though he left home and lived in the streets, he never took his education for granted; instead, the situation inspired him to strive harder and be an inspiration to others.

He would sell from 8 pm up to the wee hours of the morning. At 4 am, he would walk over to Aurora Quezon Elementary School where he studied from 1st to 6th grade, and slept on the benches there until 6 am, when his classmates started coming in. He always went to class, he said, fighting the urge to fall asleep.

Amazing, isn’t he?

His hard work paid off when he graduated from elementary with honors. He studied hard and even earned a scholarship at the Aguinaldo International School. His teachers took notice to his hard work and then he was introduced to UWC (United World College) Scholarship. He applied, hoping to get chosen out of hundreds of applicants. Then, one morning, he received a text that would change his life forever. The message revealed that he was granted a full scholarship at The Robert Bosch United World College in Germany!

Truly inspiring! This reminds us that no matter what situation we are in now, we must never give up on our dreams. Instead of looking and noticing failures, we should focus more on the positive and brighter side of everything, because as long as we believe in something, and as long as we have the desire to achieve something that we really really want, it can happen with hard work and perseverance.

Watch his inspiring video below:

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