This Stunning Church Has an Incredible Secret to Share…It is Made of Living Trees!

Religious or not, you will surely love this quaint little church created by an altar boy who once dreamed of becoming a Pope when he grows up. Barry Cox loves trees and churches. Though he gave up his dream of becoming the Pontiff a long time ago, he did not stop loving churches.

So, he created a church right in his yard. But he did not make one out of concrete or wood like most churches are made of; instead, he made use of steel frames and various trees to create something spectacular: a living church!

Now called the Tree Church, this small project began as a dream. Barry had planned it to be a small, private church but after it became the venue to his nephew’s wedding, he decided to open it to the public. Lots of inquiries soon came in, with several couples getting married in this lovely church – even ones who admitted they were not really religious but felt a wonderful connection with this charming little chapel.

Barry still has lots of plans for this particular project, including adding a European garden to balance the labyrinth in front, reports Viral Nova.

Check out this fantastic church in this awesome video by Treelocations:

Feature image credit: TreeChurch