This Teen Wakes Up From Coma Speaking a Language He Had Never Known Before. Unbelievable!

A 16-year old teen from Georgia unbelievably spoke fluent Spanish for the first time after waking up from a coma caused by a serious head injury.  Can you believe it?

During a soccer game on September 24, as 16-year old Rueben Nsemoh dove after a loose ball, another player accidentally kicked him in the head. Because of the incident, he suffered from a concussion and was brought to the hospital.

After the accident, he was treated in the Intensive Care Unit for days before he started stirring little by little. Thankfully, after three days, he woke up from the coma and his family were very thankful. Ever since he suffered a concussion in a soccer game, Rueben has been worried about why it’s so hard for him to concentrate. He’s fretted over whether he’ll ever get to play his favorite sport. But the biggest mystery of it all: how is it that he’s suddenly speaking fluent Spanish?

When he woke up, he was gesturing for food when he all of a sudden said, “Tengo hambre” which meant “I am hungry“.

I was very shocked. That’s something he’s never done before. When he got up and he started speaking Spanish, I was confused,” Nsemoh, his mother, said. In shock, she ran out of the room and looked for help.

Rueben’s family as well as the doctors, were all shocked and baffled when he started speaking fluent Spanish in full sentences – when he only knew a few Spanish word before he suffered from a coma!

It started flowing out,” he said in an interview. According to him, “I felt like it was second nature for me. I wasn’t speaking my English right, and every time I tried to speak it I would have a seizure.
The first hours after he woke up, he spoke only Spanish and couldn’t speak English. His parents were shocked, especially when they knew something was off.

Despite a consultation with a neurologist, doctors cannot explain how he could have woken up from that coma speaking a new or different language. But a Queensland Brain Institute neuroscientist thinks he might have an explanation about what happened to Reuben. Dr. Pankaj Sah said the brain was made up of different circuits—which assist in language, breathing, speaking and thinking—similar to electronic circuits.

According to him, what possibly happened to Reuben was that the parts of the brain that recalled English were damaged in the accident and those that retained Spanish were triggered when he woke up from his coma. Also, according to reports, there have also been previous reports and incidents that happened wherein patients acquired a new language or a different accent after experiencing a major trauma — and this is known and diagnosed as Foreign Accent Syndrome.

Weeks after the incident, Rueben recovered his ability to speak his first language English. He now knows two languages and is able to speak both fluently. However he also admitted that the Spanish is slowly beginning to fade.