This Vest Allows Men to Experience How it Feels to be Pregnant… And it Changes a Lot of Things in Their Relationship!

A lot of men (and even women who hadn’t tried it) just could not understand why many pregnant women complain about difficulties in being pregnant despite having a normal pregnancy.

For instance, why do women complain about their heavy bellies when babies can’t be that heavy, right? Well, wrong! Aside from a pregnant belly feeling heavy, it actually affects not just your balance but a lot of things in your life, including challenges in putting on your shoes and picking things up from the ground.

Now, in Japan, women do chores five times more than men – and while workaholic husbands do bring in more money for the family, this puts a lot of burden to their wives. And the same thing is applicable not just in Japan but also in other countries.

Screenshot from video by Viral Thread / Facebook
Screenshot from video by Viral Thread / Facebook

But in Japan, they made a special device that allows the men to experience a bit how it is to be pregnant. While they don’t get implanted with babies (that would be impossible, of course), they are made to wear a strap-on piece of clothing that represent the weight and the shape of a pregnant woman’s belly and breasts during pregnancy.

This resulted in more empathy and compassion for women!

Check out this video and watch how men can experience a pregnancy and realize that it really is not easy to be a mom!

Pregnancy SimulatorThis allows men to have a greater understanding of what pregnancy feels like…

Posted by Viral Thread on Wednesday, November 30, 2016