This Video of a Dad’s Acceptance of His Lesbian Daughter Will Touch Your Heart

Sometimes, we underestimate the power of our parents’ love to us. Even with our shortcomings and mistakes, they can see through our unhappiness and they would drive away their logic and reasons to accept us as who we are.

In light of the recent court hearings that may made Taiwan the first Asian country to legalize same-sex marriage, a video about a father’s journey to accept his lesbian daughter has gone viral. This move would make Taiwan the second country in the Asia Pacific region to legalize same-sex marriage, after New Zealand has done so in 2013.

And while the process is still in the works, Home Is Love, a Taiwanese group that promotes marriage equality, came up with a heartwarming video of a dad, finally coming to terms with his oldest daughter being a lesbian; the video went viral lately.  (Home Is Love has kept the names of the members of the family for privacy reasons.)

The video opens up with a 65-year old father narrating his first reactions of feeling shocked and confused after learning that his eldest daughter is a lesbian.

When I found out that my oldest daughter is a lesbian,” the man begins, “I was shocked. [Homosexuality] is such a distant concept to us, and we kept wondering: How come our daughter is a homosexual?

As the short clip progresses, the father notes that while he is is unhappy with what he has learned, his daughter was probably more unhappy and because of that, he knew for himself that he needed to learn acceptance because what’s more important is his daughter’s happiness.

It didn’t matter that I was unhappy. But when my child was unhappy, that’s not acceptable to me.

To help on his journey to acceptance, the father said that he started to read a number of books about the topic. Eventually, after seeing his daughter happy with her partner and their own child, it all became clear to him.

Seeing his daughter happy makes him happy, too, and that’s all that matters.

Hit the play button below and see that heartwarming story:

Before the video ends, we learn of one important lesson in life: “Love and acceptance – this is what the world needs. I hope that everyone can have a family built on love.”

If you were in the father’s shoes, how would you have reacted? Share with us your thoughts by leaving your comments below.


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