This Video of Boy Feeding His Grandpa is the Sweetest Clip You’ll Watch Today

Today’s younger generations are often stereotyped as selfish and sometimes called as “Generation Me” but there are many youngsters who show us that this stereotype is unfair.

Screenshot from video by NTD TV

Take for example this young boy who was videotaped feeding his bedridden grandfather. The old man was so sick that he could barely move – and he would surely just spill his food if he had to feed himself; thus, it was great that this young kid didn’t mind getting his grandpa something to eat.

While feeding grandpa is a bit of a difficult task for the young child, he did not complain. He simply went on and patiently fed the old man.

We’re quite sure this clip is the sweetest video you’ll see today…


Very beautiful! True and pure love! 💖

Posted by NTD Television on Monday, December 5, 2016

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