This Wedding’s Very Unique Ring Bearer is Awesome! It’s Unbelievable…

Many people want traditional weddings; though a lot would want to add some unique flare to the event to make it extra special for the couple. There are plenty of couples who find ways to create a unique gimmick for their special day, including hiring marching bands or doing a triple wedding with triplets or hiring a mascot/comedian to bring in the rings.

Now, there’s this video shared by SF Globe which shows a wedding with a very unique ring bearer. I probably won’t believe this happened if I did not watch it myself!

When the officiating minister asked for the ring, the best man stood up and donned a black glove. A man appeared at the entrance of the church bringing something that surprised everyone: an owl!

Apparently, they were able to train the owl to fly from the man’s hand to the best man’s hand to deliver the ring. The owl flew back to the man after delivering the rings. Awesome, isn’t it? This is the first time I heard of an animal delivering the wedding rings.

Check out the cool video posted by Rumble Viral below: