This Woman is Mother to 28 Children and Grandma to 22… But She Hasn’t Even Given Birth to a Single Baby!

How many kids are/were you planning to have? While many families now, especially in the middle and upper class, have a smaller number of kids, there are still a lot of families that have more than 5 children!

The problem with having lots of kids is in supporting all their needs; thus, many of these kids end of in the streets or in foster homes. Thankfully, many of them are taken in by good parents in foster homes and adoption centers but there are still plenty left in the streets to fend for their own.

In the Philippines, there are eight SOS Villages set up by the non-government organization (NGO) SOS Children’s Villages International which helps raise children in foster “SOS families” and send them to school up to tertiary level!

Jinky Adona is one of the SOS mothers looking after the kids.

Photo credit: ABS-CBN News
Photo credit: ABS-CBN News

To date, she’s had 28 ‘children’ which she had helped train and raise. Nine of these kids already have families of their own, giving Adona a total of 22 grandkids! Every year, they enjoy a reunion over Christmas when all her kids visit her at her home.

Adona doesn’t have biological kids yet she has this big, wonderful family she raised in this beautiful village. She and the other mothers at the SOS villages across the Philippines have sacrificed their own lives and families to raise these poor, abandoned kids to become better members of society.

What wonderful people!