This Young Waitress’ Reflexes are Amazing! It’s Almost Unbelievable

Have you ever experienced doing something that you didn’t think was achievable but you did it, anyway? Well, many of us have experienced such – and we’re certainly proud of such achievements, right?

Well, there’s this young lady who achieved something so amazing that it was quite unbelievable – thankfully, the incident was caught on CCTV so she has proof that it actually happened.

In this now viral clip shared on social media, the young waitress could be seen standing on tiptoes as she reached for something from a high shelf when a cup came crashing down.

Before the cup could hit the floor, the waitress instinctively moved her foot to kick it so it wouldn’t crash – amazingly, she managed to hit it and make it fly straight towards a sink filled with water! This happened in just a split second and no one had the time to react but everyone, including the young lady, was definitely amazed by what she had done.

Watch the unbelievable incident here and be amazed:


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