‘Thor’ and ‘Loki’ Delight Kids at a Hospital in Australia… And the Kids Even Got to Lift Mjölnir!

Tom Hiddleston and Chris Hemsworth had been spending weeks in Australia for “Thor: Ragnarok” but now that they’re almost done filming, the two had time to do other stuff in the country – like visiting kids at a hospital in Brisbane!

Social media is abuzz with their visit at the Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital for the duo entertained the kids and allowed them to spend a few moments with two of their favorite characters from Thor. To entertain the kids, they even brought Mjölnir, Thor’s legendary hammer – imagine how delighted the kids were when Thor let them hold the hammer that Captain America can’t even pick up!

Even this kid could defeat Loki! LOL Photo credit: Instagram/Chris Hemsworth - ABC
Even this kid could defeat Loki! LOL
Photo credit: Instagram/Chris Hemsworth – ABC News

One of the kids who met the superhero brothers is a real-life superhero, Calyn Hoad who has been confined for 3 years now after saving his brother’s life.

His younger brother had been in the middle of the road when Calyn saw a four-wheel drive vehicle speeding in his direction. Without thinking of his own safety, Calyn ran to towards the road and pushed his brother to safety but he wasn’t fast enough to save his own life and was hit by the speeding vehicle.

Doctors have told the family that Calyn would never recover due to extensive brain injuries but the superhero boy has regained some of his speech and has relearned how to walk. A big fan of Thor, the visit from Tom and Chris would surely uplift his spirits. We hope it will also help in his recovery!

Photo credit: Facebook: Bringing Calyn Home / BuzzFeed
Calyn is a real-life superhero
Photo credit: Facebook: Bringing Calyn Home / BuzzFeed

Many netizens, possibly non-fans, slammed the two for visiting the hospital because they believe visits from celebrities are “useless” and that it would have been better if these stars brought money and food for the people at the hospital; however, many are glad of the gesture because these kids truly needed cheering up and having your favorite superheroes visit you is certainly the best way to give them hope and happiness again!

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