Thoughtful Grandfather paints every day for his grandchildren who are away from him

  • A grandfather who lives far from his grandchildren makes paintings for them every day
  • Chanjae Lee, a granddad, paints while his wife Kyong Ja Ahn writes stories about it
  • His paintings are showcased in an Instagram account, which now has over 340k followers

What would you do for people you love who are miles away?

A Korean grandfather proved that it is possible to communicate his love for his grandchildren even if they are geographically-separated.

Chanjae Lee, also known as Grandoa Chan, together with his wife Kyong Ja Ahn, resides in Brazil. The Korean grandpa is the artist behind the Instagram account called Drawings for my Grandchildren, which has more than 340K followers.

The 75-year-old grandparent posts watercolor paintings and drawings with diverse themes, while Kyong Ja Ahn, the grandma, captions the photo with stories for their grandsons living in Korea and New York.

His works are illustrations from everyday scenarios in Brazil, memories from their past, and even about some current news or events.

Grandpa Chan miss his grandsons a lot. He used to drive them to school every day when they were still in Brazil. However, his son decided to move Back to Korea. After they left, the elderly granddad was idle and just spent long hours watching Korean TV shows. With this, his wife and other son, Ji Lee became worried.

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Boys, grandpa and grandma are having our second exhibition. First time was in Costa Rica. This time, it's in São Paulo. We were invited to show the drawings from "Drawings for My Grandchildren" at an exhibit to commemorate the Korean Cultural Day. We are showing 20 drawings. Many people came to the exhibit, but grandpa is shy to speak to people, but I'm happy inside. #exhibition #koreancultureday Meninos, tivemos a nossa segunda exposição. A primeira foi na Costa Rica. E desta vez em São Paulo. Fomos convidados para mostrar os desenhos da "Drawings for My Grandchildren" num evento para comemorar o dia da cultura coreana. Foi uma participação pequena com apenas 20 desenhos. Ainda assim muitas pessoas vieram nos ver. O vovô ficou meio tímido para falar com as pessoas, mas ficou muito feliz por dentro. #segundaexpisicao #diadaculturacoreana #pequenaexposicao #vovotimido 얘들아. 할아버지 인스타그램 두 번째 전시회가 열리고 있다. 첫 번째는 코스타 리카에서였고 이번엔 브라질 썽빠울로에서 열리는 <한국문화의 날>에 초대된 것. 스무 작품을 준비한 작은 전시회인데 많은 관람객들이 왔어.할아버지는 사람들과 말하는게 쑥스러웠지만 속으론 좋기도 했어. #작은전시회 #한국문화의날 #쑥스러운할아버지

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His son, Ji Lee, who works as a designer in New York, and his wife inspired Granddad Chan to draw for his grand kids as he used to draw for his kids when they were young.  Only this time, it will be seen by many people through a social media platform.

Ji decided to put his father’s amazing works on Instagram so that other people can also appreciate his talent. Although it took a long time to convince him to showcase his works, eventually Grandpa Chan agreed to post his artworks for public viewing.

Ji Lee taught him to use the social media platform and now, Grandpa Chan can use different editing tools and even understand media terms as hashtags.

Lucky grandkids he has!