THROWBACK: Man Who was Pronounced **** Wakes Up, Wins Car – And Wins AUS$250,000 after Reporters Asked Him to Re-enact Win!

Do you remember the story of the luckiest man in Australia, Bill Morgan?

Some years ago, Bill Morgan suffered a heart attack and was rushed to the hospital where he was given medicines but he suffered an extreme allergic reaction. He was pronounced clinically **** after his heart stopped but he was revived 14 minutes later; although he would slip into a coma.

Believing that he had zero chance at surviving the ordeal, the doctors at the hospital decided to switch off his life support but his family moved him to another hospital where he woke up from the coma some twelve days later.

He also went on to marry the girl of his dreams.

Feeling really lucky, he went to the store to buy a lottery ticket – and won a new car worth AUS$17,000 (now worth about AUS$25,000 or US$24,000).

Screenshot from video by 90sWrestlingBoy / YouTube

As expected, his story piqued the interest of the local media because the 37-year-old Morgan was a truck driver who lived with his wife in a caravan home.

So, while doing an interview on him on live TV, reporters asked him to re-enact his win – and he happily obliged. Along with the crew, they went to the store and he bought a lottery ticket.

Amazingly, scratching the card revealed that the won AUS$250,000! Seeing the ticket in his hands, the lucky man was dumbfounded.

I just won 250,000. I am not joking. I just won 250,000. Please don’t film me,” he exclaimed.

A short while later, he exclaimed again, “I don’t believe this is happening. I think I will have another heart attack. Oh gosh!

Do you think he’s the luckiest man alive? I should think so!

Watch the incredible moment here: