Tired of His Boring Lawn, One Homeowner Takes Matters in His Own Hands…The Results are Amazing!

Tommy was excited with the new house he and his family bought but was rather dismayed with the boring lawn. There were some trees in plants in the yard yet the layout was quite dismal and the place looks sad and dull.

He decided to take matters in his own hands. Using a mini digger, power tools, and excellent skills in woodworking and other construction activities, Tommy was able to transform the dismal spot into something amazing in just a couple of months! The results were so awesome that it is difficult to tell this was the same yard.

The transformation was already amazing after he finished the layout but the spots looks even more beautiful a year later when the plants have fully grown. I wish I had this guy’s talent so I could also transform our yard into this lovely hangout.

Check out this guy’s amazing work in this video:

Here’s a photo of the yard taken one year after the renovation:

Photo credit: Flickr/Tommy
Photo credit: Flickr/Tommy
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SF Globe

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