Toddler Accidentally Dents a Neighbor’s Car but Their Amazing Response was Totally Unexpected

We all know how toddlers can be so hyperactive. One family learned this in a rather hard but amazing way when their three-year-old boy made a dent at a neighbor’s car. All the names are withheld but this incident supposedly happened in the UK.

The couple went to the owners and promised to foot the bill for repairs. When they did not get the bill, they called the owners to remind them of the transgression.

The parents of the erring toddler received this letter in the mail, billing them of the incident. But as you can see, this is a rather weird bill.

Photo credit: Mirror UK/Facebook
Photo credit: Mirror UK/Facebook

No wonder it quickly went viral. Isn’t this amazing? How many people would readily scratch off such a large bill – just because they understood that the dent was the handiwork of a toddler and that the couple had been nice to them many times before, anyway.