Toddler Becomes Emotional after Hearing Parents’ Wedding Song…This is So Cute

Young children do not really understand the enormity of a wedding’s significance in the life of the people involved but this does not stop them from feeling the emotions of the moment – or so one adorable toddler showed her mom after hearing her parents’ wedding.

The slideshow of her parents’ wedding had the couple’s wedding song, Feels Like Home by Chantal Kreviazuk, as background. The child and her mother were watching the slideshow.

Perhaps sensing that the song had a significant part in her parents’ union or possibly just feeling the raw emotions that the melody invokes, this cute little toddler began to cry. The reaction was both strange and sweet, considering that this child could not possibly understand the deeper meaning of the words behind the song.

It is quite possible that she was really just reacting to the rather sad but sweet melody.

Check out her adorable reaction in this video: