Toddler Wakes Up Crying But Her Heart Immediately Melts Upon Seeing Baby Sister

Any parent with more than one kid knows just how difficult it can be to have one child throwing a tantrum or crying his/her heart out while you are trying to make the other sleep or some other task that requires quiet. Indeed, to many, it can really feel so frustrating!

So, when Esther Anderson’s 3-year-old daughter Ellia woke up crying, she expected that it was going to be a long day and that she’d be subjected to another frustrating moment. As the toddler ran towards her while she was caring for her newborn baby, she prepared for the worst but what happened next made her feel happy.


Ellia’s heart melted the moment she saw her baby sister. She forget that she was about to throw a tantrum because this adorable baby was too cute to ignore.

As she kissed her baby sister, she stopped crying. She hugged the baby and told her mom that she loves the baby so much, repeatedly saying, “I love her so much!”

It was a good thing that Ester caught the moment on camera… Indeed, having kids can be tiresome and frustrating yet the rewards are also priceless!

Watch the beautiful moment here:

Baby Sister Calms Down Grumpy ToddlerGrumpy toddler’s heart melts when she sees her baby sister. “I love her so much.”

Posted by ABC News on Friday, October 7, 2016

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