Toddler Wakes Up Just When Family Already Agreed to Turn Off Life Support

The family of a dying toddler with an extremely rare type of lung ****** finally decided to turn off his life support. However, when his medications were being withdrawn, his heart rate dropped to normal and his strength suddenly improved.

Dylan Askin survived a battle against lung ******. Photo: BPM, Metro

Dylan Askin, 2 years old, from Shelton Lock, Derby, UK, was diagnosed with one-in-ten-million pulmonary Langerhans cell histiocytosis (PLCH), an extremely rare type of lung ******.

Last Christmas of 2015, Dylan was rushed to the hospital and they discovered that 80% of his lungs were already covered with cysts. When he was about to leave intensive care, he contracted bacterial pneumonia that left his lungs barely functioning.

He was on life support since then and during the ‘Good Friday’ of 2016, they were told that the situation is already bleak and they will no longer get him back. The life support machine settings were already in the highest but Dylan is still struggling.

It was about time to let go of him. The doctors, in agreement with Dylan’s family, scheduled to cut off life support by April 4th.

When it was finally time, the whole family stayed with him overnight and had their last goodbye. While they were singing for him and saying their goodbyes, the unthinkable happened!

When they withdrew his medications and sedated him, his heart rate suddenly turned to normal and his strength improved.

According to his mother Kerry, “We just said stop, there is still fight in him. Then his oxygen levels started to pick up, and he started coming back to us.”

Dylan made full recovery survived an extremely rare type of lung ******. Photo: BPM, Metro

Instead of meeting his end, it became the start of his recovery. By May 16th, he was already sent home and on July 21st his ****** treatment has been completed.


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