‘Too Pretty to Work’, Chinese Woman Chooses to Just Beg for Money

A 30-year-old woman from Lijiang in the southwest province of Yunnan in China has been in the center of netizens’ attention recently.

The said woman was fired from her former job as waitress and cashier. However, she did not look for a new job anymore, but turned to begging instead.

Image from Sin Chew Daily

She is usually seen sitting on the streets with a cardboard sign in front of her. Written on the said cardboard is a message for passersby, which says that she is from Hunan and that she is a natural-beauty, able-bodied and healthy. However, she chose to beg instead of getting a job.

She is supposed to write on her signboard that she is hungry and needs 10 yuan ($10) but opted for the former because she thought that going through the ‘honest’ route will work for her.

Image from Sin Chew Daily

She once thought of selling her body to earn money but she did not pursue that idea. Moreover, she strongly believed that her chosen means of living will get other people to help her.

While there are people who took pity on the woman, some netizens were not impressed that she opted to beg instead of working for a living considering the fact that she is healthy and able-bodied.