Top 10 Most Expensive Virtual Items Ever Sold… Can You Believe #1 Sold for $6 Million Even If It Doesn’t Really Exist in the Real World?

The world has changed a lot ever since computers and the internet were invented. Millions of people are now earning off the internet, even at the comforts of their own homes.

But the internet has also changed a lot of things – and have given thousands of people a chance to get rich (legally, of course) just by using their computers.

Take for example the people who have made huge profit out of the sale of these 10 most expensive virtual items ever sold. A lot of them have invested only their time and talents in creating these virtual things and real estate which were later sold for huge bucks!

Of course, the game developers were the ultimate guys to thank for making these huge purchases possible yet can you really imagine people paying thousands (even millions!) of real dollars to buy virtual items that do not even exist in the real world? Well, that might surprise many of us but, yes, there are people who are quite willing to do that!

Check them out in this very surprising video by Top Trending:

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