Top 10 Mythical Creatures and Things That Might Have Actually Existed! Creepy or Awesome?

There are a lot of scary and wonderful creatures or things that have often been mentioned in fascinating stories. For example, dragons are a subject of thousands of tales and movies – and they are actually a favorite mythical creature not just of a lot of kids but also of many adults!

But are there factual basis for dragons and other mythical creatures? We could only speculate that there must have been some factual basis for such creatures because of the many stories spun about them yet without archaeological evidence, all we could do is believe they actually existed.

While that prospect is quite exciting, this also brings a lot of questions forward – and makes us wonder how these mysterious creatures and things went extinct; for many of us do have wild imaginations and crazy hopes that such creatures (especially the dragons!) still existed so we could have them as pets just like in the movies.

What do you think?