Top 15 Worst Business Decisions People Ever Made that Cost Them a Lot of Money!

Having a business can earn you a lot of money but such could not really be predicted – though many have been lucky enough to have found a unique niche and earn a billion bucks over a simple idea. Many start-up companies became rich and have become today’s billionaires but as many of us have already heard, a lot of these companies were rejected at first.

Surely, the companies and people who rejected these now-billionaire entities are feeling sorry for the wrong business decision they made and for not giving these new ideas a chance.

Take for example the now famous Apple company which was rejected several times by huge companies, such as HP and Atari. These companies could have earned huge profits on Steve Jobs’ revolutionary computers but they chose to reject it. Today, HP is still among the top contenders in the computer world but so is Apple, especially when it comes to smartphones – while Atari has faded into the background.

I bet those who rejected Apple are shaking their heads for the mistake they committed now that Apple is worth billions!

Check out other costly business mistakes compiled by Planet Dolan in this video: