Top 20 Funniest Pictures Trolled by Photoshop Experts… Hilarious

The internet is full of “trolls” who create nonsense comments on various posts on social media or blogs; there even trolls who take time to pen nonsensical comments that are often irrelevant to the issue being discussed or presented.

There are some trolls with a funny sense of humor, who are also quite creative in making something ordinary become extraordinary. In the case of the photos we are about to share, the trolls are Photoshop experts who took things a little too literally.

It seems that in China’s social media network, you can ask Good Samaritans for help if you need to Photoshop something – of course, you many of those who place their requests will indicate what they wish to happen with the picture they post. In most cases, they get what they want, really, but there are also several instances when internet trolls just couldn’t resist altering the photos in an almost literal answer to the request.

We found these troll-Photoshopped items really funny, especially 10 and 18. How about you? Which once are the funniest? Feel free to comment your choices below.

1. Request: A kid walked by while our photo was taken. No kids in the photo, please.

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Troll: Sure thing! He even looks a bit like you now.

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2. Request: Please do something about that woman taking a dump behind me.

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Troll: No problem! Was she beautiful?

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3. Request: I look so bored here. Please make me look more adventurous.

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Troll: Have fun! Tweet as a pic when you get there!

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4. Request: Can you make my girlfriend look more sexy?

Photo credit:


Troll: No problem!

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5. Request: Please add more style to my photo.

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Troll: Great elegance and style you’ve got there!


6. Request: Please put me in a picture with a beautiful lady.

Troll: Congrats! You’re on the news.


7. Request: Please make this more interesting.



Troll: Now, that is interesting!


8. Request: We’re celebrating our graduation. Please make it more celebratory.



Troll: Fantastic!




9. Request: Please make me look sexier.







Troll: You already look sexy…but if you really want to, here goes…


10. Request: Please make me look like an awesome hero.




Troll: You go, hero!


11. Request: Please place me in an underwater scene.


Troll: You are somewhere under those waters. Why did you request that, anyway?



12. Request: My companion looks too boring. Please make him more dramatic.


Troll: We’ve made him look more dramatic, alright.


13. Request: Please make me look like the son of a powerful man.



Troll: Here you go, kim – errrrr, kid!


14. Request: Please make me look more dangerous.


Troll: How did it go?


15. Request: Please make me look hot sh!t on the web.


Troll: Is the fire hot enough or should I make it bigger???


16. Request: Please impove this photo but don’t use cheap effects.


Troll: Nothing is cheap there, mate.


17. Request: My dark eyebags are bothering me. Please help me hide them.


Troll: They’ll never know the difference now, miss.


18. Request: Please make me look like I’m floating in the air.


Troll: Rocketmania!


19. Request: This grandma photobombed me. Please take her out of the picture.



Troll: That’s disrespectful to this old woman. How do you feel now that YOU are the one deleted?


20. Request: Please make me look like I run the fastest ever – trying to impress my girlfriend.


Troll: Run!