This Young Man is Incredible…and His Tricks are Mind Blowing!

These days, it really is easier to become a magician because of the props readily sold in malls, complete with how-to guides in making the magic trick appear real. Moreover, there’s technology to easily assist you in your tricks.

Well, that might be the case with Zach King, one of Vine’s best magicians, but I could not help but admire how this young man was able to achieve all these with such mind-blowing trickery!

I watched this video several times because I was amazed at how he was able to do his tricks! Even in slow motion, most of the tricks are awesome! You can’t tell the exact moment he changed position for another take or whether he made different takes to create the hyper-realistic tricks.

It is great how he made use of technology to his advantage – or, perhaps, he’s the next big thing in the world of magic!

Watch this incredible video and tell us what you think: