Top Student Stops Studying to Help Raise Funds for Mother’s Treatment

Twelve-year-old Gu Guang Zhao, an outstanding and multi-awarded student from Henan, China wrote, to his teacher, informing the school that he will have to defer studying so he could devote his time in helping raise funds for his mother’s kidney transplant.

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Three years ago, his mother was diagnosed with uremia, a condition where urea and other waste products in the body has built up and may become toxic, if not entirely eliminated. Although she has been undergoing dialysis every day, she needs a new kidney in order to survive.

His father, a former construction worker who only earns 5,000 yuan ($750) a month, already stopped working in order to take care of his wife and family.

Because of the mother’s daily dialysis, the family savings have been exhausted and their debts have reached 100,00 yuan ($15,000). The boy will be donating one of his kidneys to his mother but they still need 500,000 yuan ($75,000) more to finance the transplant.

Gu and his father are harvesting peanuts from a farm to help raise the amount of money needed. Aside from working, he also helps out with the household chores.

Image from Tencent News

Chinese netizens learned about the Gu’s story and they were touched by his love for his family. In return, a lot of them donated money to help out with the mother’s kidney transplant.

His expression of affection for his family has been enough to raise the amount of money they needed. As of October 31, 2017, more than 500,000 yuan has been raised through an online fundraising page in China and Gu’s mother has been admitted at Henan Medical University.

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