Tormented Indian Wife Complains Her Husband Stole Her Kidney to Pay for Unpaid Dowry

A woman from India complained that her husband sold one of her kidneys to make her pay for the unpaid dowry.

Who would have thought someone could do this horrible crime?

Rita Sarkar, 28, said that her husband, Biswajit Sarkar had been complaining about her family’s unpaid dowry after the wedding. She also added that she had been a victim of domestic ***** from her husband and his family but she had gotten used to it.

Image: Oddity Central

But little did she know that her husband would steal her internal organs when he had a chance.

According to Rita, she suffered from an acute stomach ache two years ago so her husband took her to a private nursing home in Kolkata; it turned out that her appendix was inflamed. The medical staff and her husband told her that she will feel fine once it was removed through surgery. So she did what she was told.

But Rita felt that something was not right when Biswajit told her that she should not mention the surgery to anyone.

When they reached home, she experienced sharp pain in her lower back, she begged her husband to take her to a doctor but he coldly refused. She eventually recovered on her own.

However, Biswajit’s secret was revealed three months ago when Rita’s relatives on her father’s side took her to a medical centre and based on the ultrasound results, her right kidney was missing.

“I was shattered, I then understood why my husband implored me to keep quiet about the surgery. He sold my kidney because my family couldn’t meet his demand for dowry,” Rita said in an interview, according to Oddity Central.

Rita’s father cleared that when Rita and her husband got married in 2005, they were able to give Biswajit gold, silver and 180,000 Indian rupees (around $2,800) in cash but he kept asking for more.

Rita already filed a complaint with West Bengal police, Bisjawit and his brother, Shyamal Sarkar, were ******** and charged with commercially trading human organs and detaining a woman, with criminal intent.

Bisjawit admitted that he sold his wife’s kidney to an unknown buyer in another state but he claims that Rita signed a consent letter but she denied giving her consent and said that she might have been drugged during that time because she cannot remember signing any document and giving up one of her kidneys.

“Before going to the doctor in Kolkata, we had put up at a relative’s house. I was given soft drink at the home, after which I felt drowsy, I knew nothing about this. I was definitely drugged and don’t remember signing any paper,” Rita explained in an interview, according to Oddity Central.

Due to the removal of her right kidney, she is battling with her sickness because her left one later became infected. She is now under treatment to make her kidney function normally.

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