Traces Left By Those Who Joined The Mayo Uno Rally Catches the Attention of Many People

For many of us, the first day of May is a day of rest, relaxation, and enjoyment. Since it is considered as a regular holiday in the Philippines, many laborers and office workers are taking the day off to relax and have fun.

However, for many people, Labor Day also marks as a centuries-long struggle by many for the upliftment of the working class. Several groups go to the streets with their battle cries and share their stories during Labor Day.

[Image Credit: JP Mortel Fajura / Facebook]
[Image Credit: JP Mortel Fajura / Facebook]

End of ENDO

Last May 1, many employees rejoiced after the President signed the executive order on the end of ENDO. After several years of fighting for their rights, people working on contract is close to enjoying the perks of those with regular employment status.

Unfortunately, those who rallied in Metro Manila left their traces. The Metropolitan Manila Development Authority collected many bags containing garbage after a day of protest.

[Image Credit: JP Mortel Fajura / Facebook]
[Image Credit: JP Mortel Fajura / Facebook]

Traces Left

With more than 5,000 people who joined the protest actions in front of the Mendiola Peach Arch for the Labor Day, many of them also left several plastic bottles, paper, plastic wrappers, and other trash on the street.

A concerned netizen named JP Mortel shared a live video of what happened after the Mayo Uno protest. According to him, those who joined the rally just left their trash on the sidewalk. Many of them did not bother picking up their own garbage.

Pinayagan na nga na kayo ay magrally pero ang pagtatapon ng basura sa daan at gilid ng ilog ay ibang usapan na. Ganito ba ang gusto nyong pagbabago? Ito ba ang ipinaglalaban nyo? Magsipag ayos kayo!

See the video here:

Change always starts with us. If we want to see a big change in our country, we should know how to be responsible first. Picking up the trash, following traffic regulations, and falling in line properly are simple ways that can bring huge changes.