Transgender Daughter Inspires His Mother in Coming Out as Transgender Man

Eric and Corey Maison are a mother and son who transitioned to father and daughter and made an impact on transgender kids and family.

Their story was shared by Corey on her Facebook page. Eric and Corey both realized their true identity while watching a TV interview of YouTube star and transgender teen, Jazz Jennings. Corey was at that time 11 years old when she said to her mother that she wanted to be a girl.

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Just like any other transgender kids, she was scared to reveal her true self to her family because she doesn’t want to be rejected. But her mother who was then named Erica has the same feeling as she has. She was scared of what would her husband and children would think about coming out.

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During Corey’s transition, she faced bullying especially whenever she uses the girl’s bathroom with her short hair. She recalls people laughing because he looked like a boy, some people would even take pictures and point at stare. But her mother was really supportive, he even surprised her with her first box of estrogen when she was 14 years old.

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Eric who was a dad to six kids already underwent testosterone therapy and a double mastectomy; he feels complete and loved by his family. He finally came out to his husband Les in 2015 after his daughter’s transformation.

Then he told the rest of his family including his children Chelsea, 22, Kailee, 14, Corey, Ellen, 8, Willow, 6 and Savanna, 4.

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“My loved ones were awesome, almost like nothing really changed. My husband has been supportive through everything. Our relationship is actually stronger and better than it ever has been in the 10 years we’ve been together,”  Eric said in an interview with Mirror Online.

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Corey is looking forward to her 18th birthday so that she can undergo surgery. She also would like to date boys but most of them are to embarrassed to admit that they might like her.

Their story touched the hearts of millions of people. It also made a huge impact on transgender kids who are really scared to come out with their parents. Many were really happy that this story gave them strength and courage to come out.

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