Traumatized Salon Client Goes Bald after Getting Chemical Burns from Hair Dye, Demands $9000 from Salon as Payment for Damages

Part of a woman’s way of pampering herself is having a nice hair color which goes well with a stylish haircut and a fashionable outfit.  However, not all women have high tolerance on peroxide which most hair coloring products have as a bleaching agent that causes scalp allergies and burns.

A woman with surname Deng from Sichuan, China availed of hair dye service in a salon on August 1 and told her hair colorist that she wanted to turn her long black hair into ash green.  To achieve the color that she wanted, she was advised by the colorist that her hair needed to be bleached first.

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Because the color of Deng’s hair was black, the color appeared to be inconsistent during the first application of the dye so her stylist decided to perform a repeat application since they were eyeing for an ash green effect.   At that point, Deng complained of feeling burning sensation on her scalp which the colorist said was just normal as scalp’s reaction to the dye.  She just endured the pain while her colorist continued with the procedure.

After the second application, the colorist seemed not to be pleased with the outcome of the color that he opted to perform another application for the third time. Deng continued to feel the burning sensation on her scalp so she told him that it might be because of the quality of the product which the colorist strongly denied and assured her that it would be impossible.

Unfortunately, after three applications, the color which Deng desired wasn’t still achieved as her hair turned into apple green instead of ash green.  Feeling dismayed, Deng instructed the colorist  to put her hair back to its original color.  But soon after, Deng was unable to endure the pain that tears rolled down her cheeks because of numerous hair dye applications.

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Sensing that something was really wrong around 11pm, the colorist immediately rinsed the dye off from Deng’s hair.  That time Deng had already called her daughter to fetch her.

Because Deng was feeling so much pain on her scalp,  she was sent to the hospital and checked by a dermatologist who concluded later on that she was suffering from anaphylactic shock due to an allergy caused by the hair coloring product which caused 40% chemical burns on her scalp.

She has been hospitalized and sadly, was advised by the doctor to completely  shave her hair for fear that she might suffer from more adverse reaction because of the dye’s residues. This left Deng in so much grief as she always wanted to have a long hair.

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After the trauma that the incident had brought her, Deng filed a lawsuit against the salon to compensate the expenses that she had spent for her medication including mental damage, costs of her wigs and other expenses which totaled to 60,000 yuan ($9,200).

However, the salon did not pay the full amount and instead offered to pay only for her medical bills amounting to 2,600 yuan  ($400). Deng was still considering to pursue legal actions against the salon after the traumatic incident.

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On the other hand, the colorist was still feeling shock as according to him, this was the first time he encountered such experience after over a decade of working in the salon.