Tricycle Driver Earns Praise for Returning Brand New Cellphone Left by Passenger

While it is true that honest acts should be expected from people and should not be news, the reality is that there are a lot dishonest people out there who readily grab the chance to have some extra cash or a new gadget even if those do not belong to them but other people unfortunate enough to have carelessly left these stuff.

This is the reason why we continue to laud those who remain honest, especially the ones who are poor and could have used the gadgets/things they found to get some extra cash to feed their hungry families yet they choose to remain honest and do what is right, that is to return these things to the rightful owners!

In Barangay San Jose Hagonoy, Bulacan in the Philippines, a tricycle driver named Rodrigo Cervantes is being lauded on social media for his honesty.

Photo credit: Facebook/Proud Pinoy
Photo credit: Facebook/Proud Pinoy

A passenger, a faculty/staff of San Jose Elementary School had left a paper bag containing a brand new cellphone bought for a friend. Cervantes did not hesitate to come back to the school to return the paper bag to the rightful owner!

Yes, there still are a lot of people who are honest and such stories help restore our shattered faith in humanity…

Kudos to you, Mr. Cervantes!