Truckers Go Viral for Crazy Antics to Wipe Off Rain from Windshield Because the Wipers are Broken

Everyone knows how dangerous it can be when your vision becomes impaired by rain on the windshield – this is the reason why wipers were created to ensure that the screen is always free from obstructions. But what happens if the wipers are broken? Well, the simplest solution, really, is to have them fixed, right?

Well, a group of truckers believe fixing the wipers is for kids – because they found a ‘solution’ to the problem without sending the truck to the shop: have someone use his arms as wipers! This is crazy! Really, this is crazy and you should never try it but these guys think they were doing the right thing.

Mind you, this is VERY DANGEROUS and you should never do it! If your wipers are broken, have them fixed right away.

As for these guys, well, I admit I got a good laugh out of their crazy antics but this was only funny if they were intentionally just having a good time and pranking the viewers… but if they really had broken wipers and were serious in having this guy wipe off the water from the windshield, then that is a really dangerous thing to do!

WARNING: Do not ever try this yourself! But for some laughs, just watch this guys ‘solve’ their wipers problem:

Maulan ba?

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Posted by When In Manila on Friday, July 15, 2016