TV Crew Catches Ghost on Camera While Staying in House that was Built in the 1630s

Have you ever experienced feeling spooked while inside an old house, thinking that maybe its deceased former residents are still actually ‘living’ there? Some people claim that they have seen ghosts in old houses and structures – and some of these ghosts were even caught on camera!

In the United Kingdom, there’s this show called “Most Haunted” whose crew goes to old houses in search of ghosts. Incredibly, despite airing since 2002, the show hasn’t actually caught a ghost on camera, even in the most haunted homes they have visited.

The show’s luck in finding ghosts was so bad that when they actually found one (or so they claimed), host Yvette Fielding was moved to tears. Who wouldn’t be crying if they were in the same situation, anyway?

Screenshot from video by Most Haunted / YouTube – 5 Star Channel

The ghost sighting happened while the crew was staying in Wentworth Woodhouse stable block near Rotherham, South Yorkshire. The house was built by the first Earl of Strafford, Thomas Wentworth, in the 1630s.

While they rested in the house, they heard noises leading to the cellar. Believing that this could be the break they have been waiting for all these years, the crew immediately followed the noise and caught the ghost on camera!

Whew! After 15 years of trying to catch a ghost, they finally did it!

But netizens were skeptical that this was a real ghost. After all, a lot of people no longer believe in ghosts these days and the show did have a terrible track record when it comes to supposedly filming ghosts.

Many believe that this was but a fake film, especially because one of the crew kept pointing at the door as if to direct readers where to watch.

But others think the crew wouldn’t fake finding a ghost – after all, it has done nothing to improve its track record in 15 years, so why start faking one now?

What do you think? Check out this video and tell us whether you think the ghost is real or not…

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