TV show receives condemnation for broadcasting a rare protected giant clam being cooked

  • An Adventure Reality TV Program in Indonesia which featured a giant clam being cooked faced criticism from environmentalists
  • The conservationists and journalists complained about the TV program to Indonesian Broadcasting Commission (KPI)
  • They have urged them to protect and conserve the rare giant clams which take a long time to grow


Image via Wikimedia Commons/Bernard Dupont

On Monday, April 25, environmentalists in Indonesia complained about the reality show of the Indonesian Broadcasting Commission (KPI), which featured on its Sunday edition a team who cooked seafood that resembles giant clams in Derawan Islands, East Kalimantan.

According to the Jakarta Post, Para Petualang Cantik (The Beautiful Adventurers), the program sponsored by TransTV, was condemned by activists from Profauna Indonesia, Urban Wildlife Conservation Forum and Eco Diver Journalists, because the concerned group believed that the giant clams featured in the show, locally known as kima, is an endangered species.

It is listed on the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) of the International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources as an endangered animal that should be protected.

In addition, the giant clam is also being conserved under the Government Regulation No. 7/1999 on flora and fauna preservation. In other words, the giant clams aren’t supposed to be eaten.

The conservationists emphasized that these rare sea creatures should be preserved since it takes a long time for it to develop. Aside from that, it doesn’t grow anywhere, as it can only live in pristine clean waters.

“From millions of eggs, produced by adult ‘kima’, only a few dozen can survive until they get their shells as they are easy prey,” according to the statement released by the Eco Diver Journalists.

Herlina Agustin ,the Head of the Science Journalism Department of Padjadjaran University, mentioned that it would also report the “clam” incident to the Environment and Forestry Ministry.

The KPI told The Jakarta Post that they will investigate about the alleged violation of the TV program.