Twin Brides Married to Twin Grooms by Twin Priest amid Twin Entourage in This Extra Special but Totally Confusing Wedding

Weddings are meant to be extra special – and one wedding at the St. Xavier’s Church in Kerala, India is probably the most special wedding of all; though it also tops the ranks of the ‘most confusing wedding in the world’ perhaps.

After all, who wouldn’t get confused when you see doubles everywhere you look?

Let’s start with the couples who are getting married. Twin sisters Reema and Reena were the blushing brides to dashing grooms Dilraj and Dilkar, who happened to be twins, too! But that’s not the end of it because they were married by twin priests and the respective members of their wedding entourages are also twins!

Isn’t this incredible? I hope they didn’t get the certificates mixed up!

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