Twins Separated at Birth, Reunited after Adoptive Mom Discovers an Old Photo Posted on Social Media

Jennifer Doering of Wisconsin, US had adopted a girl from China years ago. The baby, Audrey, is now 10 years old. While researching about her daughter’s past and possible family so she could tell the child more about her heritage, she came across a photo of the girl’s foster mother holding two babies – one of them was surely Audrey but the other looked exactly like her!

Knowing she’s not just seeing double, Jennifer did further research and discovered that just as she suspected after seeing the snapshot, Audrey truly had a twin sister!

Jennifer said, “As soon as I had that picture, I was desperate to find out who that other child was.

Screenshots from video by Good Morning America

It was through social media that Jennifer was able to connect with Nicole Rainsberry, the woman who adopted Audrey’s identical sister, Gracie, who lives in Washington.

The ladies received help from Dr. Nancy Segal, a psychologist who studies twins. A DNA test was done – and it confirmed that the two were matched and they are 100% twins! Of course, it didn’t really come as a surprise to the families that the DNA test came back positive because just seeing the two, you would know they are identical twins.

They had also connected through social media and were amazed at the similarities they had.

Gracie said, “We both love chicken Alfredo. That’s like one of our favorite foods. And we both love mac ‘n’ cheese.

Aside from being the spitting image of each other, the girls also shared another similarity: they both had heart conditions and had undergone surgeries upon arriving in the US.

After weeks of talking on the phone and doing video calls, the two finally met on Good Morning America – and the reunion was so touching that host Ginger Zee later tweeted, “EVERYONE IS CRYING IN THE STUDIO.”.

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