Two Amazing Inventors Provide 3D Prosthetics to Children for Free

Team UnLimbited is a self-funded mission to provide free 3D prosthetics for children who are born without hands and arms.

The children can design their own colors and patterns and the team will do the rest. Demand is high and their office who seemed to be a shed is fully equipped and full of photos of children all over the globe wearing their own design.

Image from Team UnLimbited via

Stephen Davies, who is a CAD (computer-aided design) engineer, is also a 43-year-old father of three and was born without a hand.

With his intensive research, it led him to Drew Murray, an IT consultant from Milton Keynes and a part of e-Nable, a volunteer network that makes free 3D prosthetics for children. Stephen asked Drew to make a hand for him. After that, the team paired up. Drew invested hundreds of pounds in two 3D printers and materials – that’s when Team Unlimbited was born.

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“Everything we do is funded by myself and Stephen and generous donations, we are not a charity, we’re just two men in a shed. It’s rewarding to use our professional skills in a different way,” Drew said in an interview with BBC News.

Team UnLimbited’s first recipient was Isabella, 9 years old. She chose pink and purple for her first arm. Her prosthetic arm made her learn to play piano, walk the dog, play with her brother, and let her turn pages in a book much easier.

Image by Sunny Skyz

Isabella also appeared in an advertising campaign for 2016’s Paralympics and as media time, she already received three arms and Team UnLimbited’s current template is named after her.