Two High School Students Gave Jacket and Money for Train Fare to Homeless Man Soaking in a Blizzard… 3 Years Later, He Donates $10,000 to Their School!

It was some 3 years ago when Ryan Kodat and Luke Arnold, students of Dwight Township High School in Dwight, Illinois, assisted a homeless man who was walking in a blizzard without a jacket on. Seeing that the older guy was cold, they gave him a jacket and some dry clothes to change from his wet ones. Then, they also gave him some money for a train ride home to Springfield so he could see his ailing father.


The two students acted out of the kindness of their hearts, never expecting something in return; thus, they were as surprised as everyone else when the guy they helped, the homeless poor man, sent $10,000 to their school in gratitude over their good deed!

It seemed that the formerly homeless guy, Wade Herter, inherited his late dad’s estate which was worth $1.2 million. He has moved to Santa Monica, California since his father died but did not forget the good deed that the students had done to him when he was poor and downtrodden.

For the next 10 years, the school through its superintendent, Dr. Richard Jancek, will be awarding $500 to two students in each graduating class for “acts of humanitarianism”.

You don’t have to put my name on anything. We did it because it was the right thing to do, not to get an award. If the same thing happened tomorrow, we’d do it again,” Kodat tells Dr. Jancek who offered to put their names on the award in honor of their good deed to Herter.

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