Two Kids Travel 80km by Hiding in Bus Undercarriage to Find Their Parents

A pair of siblings who missed their parents really badly decided to run away from their relative’s home to find them. But because they had no money for fare and would surely be apprehended once the bus conductor realizes they had no money, the two thought of hiding in the bus undercarriage.

The two children were not named in reports on the local media but they reportedly came from a poor village in southern Guangxi, China.

Photo credit: Southern Morning Post (Nanguo Zaobao)

Their parents were both working in neighboring Guangdong province, about 620 km away. They were left under the care of some relatives but the boys, estimated to be about 8 to 9 years old, missed their parents so badly.

One day, the two went to school but would soon leave, prompting teachers to report them missing. Police looked for the two but they were nowhere to be found in the village. It turned out they had hitched a ride under a bus heading for Guangdong.

Photo credit: Southern Morning Post (Nanguo Zaobao)

The bus had passed through steep slopes and muddy areas before the two were found by security workers while on a routine check at a station en route to Guangdong.

These children’s bodies were really thin, so the undercarriage was a good hiding space,” a shocked security worker later revealed, explaining why they two were not immediately discovered.

Photo credit: Southern Morning Post (Nanguo Zaobao)

Understandably, the boys were a bit shocked and tired by the experience but while they were both caked with mud, they were not injured. At first, the two refused to speak but later admitted their plans.

We finally came to understand that these two boys had been missing their mum and dad. They had hidden under the vehicle because they wanted, in vain, to find their parents,” the worker said.

Photo credit: Southern Morning Post (Nanguo Zaobao)

It is unknown whether the two had any idea where their parents were working in Guangdong or how they will find them but we’re thankful they were discovered before they got injured during the long-distance trip or lost in the big city as they tried to find their mom and dad. Heartbreaking…