Two Nigerian Nationals Scam $31,450 from a Thai Woman in Romance Scam Strategy

We all want to have our forever partner and most of us dream to sleep and wake up beside the love of our life; however, not everyone is lucky enough to meet their forever after.

A romantic story turned into misery unfortunately happened to a Thailand woman. She was fooled by two Nigerian nationals by milking her money in a strategy called “romance scam”.

Image: Next Shark

The suspects were identified as Emeka Celestine Eze, 31 years old, and Oliver Obioroh, 44 years old, according to Tourist Police Deputy Commissioner Pol Maj-General Surachet Hakpal. They were ******** by Thailand police on two separated locations on Wednesday. Police found multiple ATM cards from the suspects.

The victim who’s identification remains anonymous came from the province of Kamphaeng Phet. She informed the police about the suspect’s criminal activity. According to Next Shark, the victim revealed that she transferred 1 million Thai Baht (around $31,450) after she was courted by a foreign man who she described as ‘good-looking’ on Facebook.

Image: Next Shark

Her ‘suitor’ then proposed marriage and added that he mailed her an expensive gift. But in order to receive the gift, she must send him a large amount of money to cover the excise tax since the item was held by the customs.

According to Next Shark, her boyfriend’s account was owned by a Nigerian who’s using a different identity and picture; trying to court Thai women and scam them eventually.

The suspects are accused of withdrawing cash from ATMs for their gang which they accumulated through cover businesses in Bangkok’s Pratunam district. Police are still investigating this incident and searching for their accomplices.